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Membership is open to anyone who has retired or partly retired and who has worked in a professional or business environment. Further details can be obtained from The General Secretary.


The present Club membership is more than 80 and average attendance of around 50 at lunches.


I am interested in joining - what do I do next?

Contact the General Secretary by e-mail at:- giving your full name, address, telephone number and e-mail address together with any questions you may have.


They will then contact you and, if both you and they are in agreement, they will send you a membership application form for completion and return, or use the application form on this site.


Once returned, the completed application form will be considered by the Club Committee at their next meeting (3rd Wednesday of each month). If all is well, you will be invited to attend the following lunch as a paying guest of the Club when you will be introduced to the Committee and other members.


Finally, if you are accepted and still wish to proceed, you will be asked to pay your membership fee on receipt of which you will be sent or given your copy of the Club Directory, name badge and other information.


You will then be a full member of the Club and entitled to participate in all the Club's activities.


We have an up-to-date data protection policy which can be seen here.


Frequently asked questions

What does it cost to join Surbiton Probus Club?

The joining fee for men is £25, to include a club tie and lapel pin. The joining fee for ladies is £15 to include a pin badge.

What is the current annual subscription?

Currently, apart from Honorary and Life Members, the annual subscription is £10 for which you receive the Club Directory, Rules, name badge and quarterly newsletter.

How much do the lunches cost?

The normal 3 course lunch currently costs £27 per head (including gratuities). The 3 course Guests Summer Lunch is determined each year but around the above figure (including gratuities) - the Guests Xmas Lunch is a little more expensive  (but includes gratuities).


Methods of payment

Payment should be made either by cheque to the Treasurer or by bank transfer from your bank account to Probus' account. Details are as follows:-


Probus account Sort Code - 20 46 73

and the account number is - 20109207


An email should then be sent to the Treasurer to inform them that the transfer has been made.


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